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Sibelius is a software for writing music scores for Windows XP
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Sibelius is a software for writing music scores for Windows XP.
The program can print music sheets with your entries. The music you write can be played by the system on the fly, so you´ll be able to hear the results of your writing instantly.

The program´s Quick Start lets you choose if you want to open a recent file, start a new score, open a MIDI file or scan an already printed sheet of music.

For this review, I´ve used one of the sample sheets that the program has.

You can view the entire music score, have it played through your speakers, pause the playing at any moment, make corrections and play it again. You can even select an instrument´s part to hear it alone, and make corrections just for that instrument.

You can easily enter the proper musical symbols using your keypad. A scheme of the keys is shown in the screen.

You can input notes, make arranges, transpose notes, alter the pitch, and print the score. You can also export audio to a file, but this feature is disabled in the demo version.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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