Sibelius 7.5

A very comprehensive program to write, compose and arrange music
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Sibelius is regarded as one of the most important programs for composing, arranging and writing music.
The program is really easy to use. Its intuitive interface allows users to walk step by step to create a new music score or edit an existing one. Before start writing your score, you can choose the key and time signatures, the tempo and many other features. Also, you can set the type of the font you want to use, the size of the sheet for printing purposes, and more.

The program has many preset options to choose from. This way, you can create scores for school bands, small orchestras, pop or rock bands, different types of chamber ensembles, and even a full concert orchestra with the score for every instrument. Also, it is possible to add or delete an instrument score if you need to do so.

It is important to note that the program is aimed to people with a solid music knowledge, that's why you need to know about music theory to fully use the program and its characteristics.

To download the trial version of the program, you need to complete an online form. Also, please take into account that the installation file is very large. It took almost an hour and a half to download it. You can use the trial version during 30 days.

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  • Very useful for musicians and composers


  • Not very affordable.
  • The file is very huge so it takes a long time to download.
  • You need to complete an online form before downloading the trial version
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